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Marshall Valuation Service

A complete, authoritative appraisal guide for developing replacement costs and depreciated values of buildings and other improvements, the Marshall Valuation Service is an industry standard throughout the United States, U.S. territories, most major cities in Canada, and selected foreign cities worldwide.

With time-honored methodology, regularly updated cost data and full-time technical support, you’ll be able to project construction costs or value any commercial building in the field. Reference more than 30,000 component costs and more than 300 building occupancies.

Green Building Costs
INCLUDED: "Green" Section
For use in estimating additions and adjustments/retrofits.

NOTE: The Marshall Valuation Service may not be used for creating building replacement cost estimates or any other valuation to be used for underwriting claims, insurance inspections for insurance-to-value or other insurance purposes without first obtaining Marshall & Swift's prior written permission (see the Product FAQ on this page). Please contact customer service to request permission for use for these purposes.

PLEASE NOTE: Please contact your sales representative at 800-544-2678 for enterprise pricing.

Online purchases are currently not available for this product.

Please contact csinquiry@corelogic.com or call your Sales Representative at 800.544.2678 for purchase.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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