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Testimonials: Marshall Valuation Service

"While I am experienced and can come up with an opinion of my own in my capacity on the Board of Assessors, Town of Otis, Massachusetts, Marshall & Swift products provide me with an excellent second professional opinion."
Lee Marcella
Board of Assessors
Otis, Massachusetts

"The Marshall & Swift Residential and Commerical Guides have helped me both with accuracy and time saved. The ease of using both guides has improved the quality of both reports. Most of my clients require the cost approach for residential and all require the cost approach for my commerical reports. The guides are updated frequently giving me the most reliable information for credible reports in todays ever changing economic markets."
Bob Stick
Market Service Inc.
Ada, OK

"I've been a commercial real estate appraiser in Ottawa Canada for the past 13 years and was brought-up on the Marshall Valuation Service. We had Canadian based systems, but Marshall & Swift provided the greatest detail."
Brian Bennett
Commercial Real Estate Appraiser
Ottawa, Ontario

"There are 10 appraisers in our offices, which range from plus or minus one year to more than 30 years experience, and each of us have our own story relating to our appreciation of Marhsall & Swift. Those of us in the commercial area, begin each report with Marshall & Swift data, and have yet to be challenged a single time on credibity or accurateness. We happen to be located in working in a challenging and dynamic market area, and are amazed on how you guys keep up with the changes in the market.
Don Cramer
Parrish Appraisals Inc.
Fayetteville, AR

"The Marshall & Swift customer service attitude is fantastic. So many customer service people act as though the customer is of course wrong, but you never did that to me, even though my story was not easy or very straight forward. Thanks for your persistence, concern and really valuable help.
Melissa Moore
Robert W. Moore & Associates
San Francisco, CA

"At age 81, I have reached the age of retirement. I appreciate the support the Marshall Valuation Service has provided me through 40 or more years of my appraisal career. Fact is, I’ve been married to you longer than two failed marriages during that same period. So feel good about our 40 years. They have been mutually effective."
Gene B. Gracer, MAI
Commercial Real Estate Appraiser
Key West, FL

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